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Tanjung Kling

  • Tanjung Kling in Malacca

    Everything you need to know about Tanjung Kling

    Situated about 20 minutes from Malacca Town, the beach of Tanjung Kling used to play a significant part in the tourism industry. However, recently this pleasant stretch of white sands has been all but obliterated as the development of new apartment complexes has sprung up. The shores, which used to be lined with coconut palms and sea shells, are now nothing but another construction zone with mounds of sand piled onto the remaining coast. Now the only beaches available to tourists are the small private ones owned by hotels. The Everly Resort Hotel is the only Tanjung Kling seafront facility offering windsurfing, kayaking, banana-boat rides, scuba diving lessons, water skiing, deep-sea fishing trips and island hopping tours.

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