Philea Resort & Spa, Malacca, Malaysia


Philea Resort & Spa


Recreational & Facilities

Philea Resort and Spa is an experience etched forever in the memory as a special place, a special time. A flurry of wind alights on your brow with butterfly feet. Nature opens its arms in welcome to weary travellers privileged enough to discover the sublime serenity that is the privilege, the privilege to be here at the Philea Resort and Spa.

  • Swimming pool
  • Gym and Sauna Rooms
  • Viva & Voila Karaoke Rooms
  • PhiliKidz and Games Room
  • Spa Village
  • Recreation Activities
  • Three 27 Holes Golf Course
  • Three 27 Holes Golf Course (10-15 minutes drive from the resort)
  • Melaka International Motosports Circuit (5 minutes drive from the resort)
  • Melaka International Bowling Center (10minutes drive from the resort)

PhiliKidz iw located near the pool which offers various indoor activities and facilities to keep the little one active while the parents can relax and unwind in the pool. Alternatively, parents can opt for further relaxation at the Tanjung Wellness Spa.

Open daily from 10.00am to 6.00pm

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

The pool overlooking the man-made waterfall is the highlight of the resort. The flora and fauna surounding the resort as well as fresh air are bound to put one in high spirits and a relaxing swim would be a great stress reliever.

Operation hours from 08.00am to 08.00pm daily.

Gym & Sauna

Work out at our state-of the art gym which overlooking a serene surrounding or relax our sauna for a comforting sweat out.

Open daily from 09.00am to 09.00pm.

Viva & Voila

Pick your favourite songs from our latest music selection and sing your hearts out in any one of our two private karaoke rooms which is impressive with the lively and comfortable settings.

Open daily from 05.00pm to 01.00am

E-Business Centre

Our 24 hours e-Business Center is aim to provide you a simple, safe and convenient way to perform your business. Get handy with a laptop around the resort and start your business dealings anytime and anyway with this simple tools.


Your true urban spa, Tanjung Wellness Spa is synonymous with an environment where traditional comforts are being enhanced by the five-star experience. They say a true spa experience will awaken your five senses like nothing else. At Tanjung Wellness Spa, this is no mere lip service. After all, the five-star anise or the bunga lawang, the icon for Tanjung Wellness Spa, reflects the five-star experiences you will be engulfed with when you visit us.

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