Marvelux Hotel, Malacca, Malaysia


Marvelux Hotel


Marvelux Hotel has been built based on a unique conceptual design – which provide ample up-to-date facilities and amenities with the primary aim of giving maximum comfort to the guests. Based on modern chic designs, the hotel generates lots of space, thus providing delight and joy to whoever that walks through the doors and corridors of the hotel lobby and reception area. There are also meeting rooms providing the necessary facilities. To ensure the guests’ primary safety, 24-hour security services are in place. There are also ample covered car parking spaces. Above all, the hotel also has facilities and provisions made for the disabled.

Hotel Lobby & Guest Waiting Areas

The spacious hotel lobby surrounded by glass-panels accentuates the warm ambience. The modern cosy furniture such as sofas and chairs are backed with warm tonal coated coloured paints such as apple green, orange and pearl white. Overhead LCD televisions are placed in strategic corners to provide entertainment while the guests sit and relax or enjoying their drinks. Green plants and beautiful flowers as well as paintings are adorned all over to lend coolness and delight. Two lifts and washing rooms are also located with the lobby’s vicinity. Free Water Drinking Facilities are also provided.

Reception Area

The Reception Area is painted in orange, apple green and glowing white and all the guests will be warmly welcomed by the gracious and hospitable hotel staff and attended to with efficiency, warmth and friendly service.

Manages & Executive Offices

To facilitate and attend to all the guests’ needs and requirements, both the Manager and Executive Offices are located on the Ground Floor.

Restaurant & Cafe

There are several popular restaurants and a cafe providing a wide variety of excellent local and western cuisines and beverages for the convenience of the guests which are located on Level 1.