Malacca Nightlife

What to Do at Night in Malacca

Despite being a small town, you'll be surprised just how much the action heats up at night in certain spots around the city.

For those after mild entertainment with a focus on late-night supper, Jonker Street is the perfect haunt. Those after more vigorous entertainment at the clubs and pubs need to head to Melaka Raya.

Top 10 Nightlifes
Top 10 Nightlife in Malacca City Top 10 Nightlife in Malacca City

From all-night-long karaoke sessions to traditional Portuguese dances, the nocturnal crowds can find a wide array of exciting activities to enjoy well after the Sun sets in Malacca City. Read More...

Top 10 Nightlife In Jonker Street Top 10 Nightlife In Jonker Street

Jonker Street houses a number of Malacca’s best pubs and bistro, all full with local charm, ambience and great food and drinks – it’s no wonder visitors (tourists and locals alike) keep coming back for more! Read More...

Top 10 Nightlife Top 10 Nightlife

Nocturnal hotspots are aplenty in the historical state of Malacca, so make sure you experience its vibrant and diverse nightlife by making a trip to our top ten favourites. Read More...

5 Great Nightlife Spot 5 Great Nightlife Spot

Gear up for a rocking night out with our five best spots to hit in this historical city after the sun has gone down! Caution: Fun included. Read More...

Most Popular Nightlifes
Jonker Street Nightlife Jonker Street Nightlife

The handful of bars along the boulevard become a mini street party with tables oozing beyond the sidewalks and a mix of live music coursing throughout the area. Read More...

Malacca City Nightlife Malacca City Nightlife

Nightlife in Malacca town is varied, most of the restaurants remain open but the pubs, clubs and discos take precedence. Read More...


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Malacca Nightlife
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