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Malacca International Airport is located nine km from town. Currently the airport serves three major airlines: Wings Air, Sky Aviation and Firefly. It has limited connections, with these airlines mainly running routes to Pekanbaru (Indonesia), Tanjong Pinang and Medan (via Subang Aiport).

Built in 1952, it serves the state of Malacca, as well as northern Johor. The 75,347sqft terminal complex is outfitted with international-standard amenities and handles both domestic and international flights.

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History of Malacca International Airport

Located in Batu Berendam, Malacca International Airport is spread across 6,141,960sqft and is known as a historic site: on 20th February 1956, its control tower guided the plane carrying Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, to land from London and it was in Malacca that he announced Malaya’s date of independence from Britain.

Formerly known as the Batu Berendam Airport, recent renovations have increased the airport’s capacity and even extended the runway to allow Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 carriers to land and take off.


Malacca’s popularity as a healthcare and medical tourism destination (particularly among those from Indonesia) has greatly increased passenger influx through the airport; as a result, all three private hospitals in the city operate free, regular shuttle-bus services to and from the airport.

Able to handle 1.5 million passengers annually, the RM190 million Malacca International Airport is probably best known to locals as the base of the Malaysian Flying Academy (MFA) since 1987.

Malacca International Airport

  • Address: Lapangan Terbang Melaka, 75350 Melaka
  • Tel: +606 317 5860
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