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Where and What to Eat in Malacca

Malacca's rich Peranakan culture has given birthed to a variety of delicious food that is spicy and sweet, referred to as 'Nyonya' food. The Nyonya style of cooking is the result of a fusion between Chinese and Malay ingredients and recipes, the result of Chinese traders in the past settling in Malacca and adopting the Malay way of living.

Malaccan Nyonya food is also distinct from Penang Nyonya food, where it can also be found. Favouring more spices and coconut milk, the result is a sweeter blend of cooking with a fiery tinge. In comparison, Penang Nyonya food favours a more practical style of cooking, employing simpler ingredients with a helping of 'Belacan' (Black prawn paste). Malaccan dishes are definitely cooked up with more time in the kitchen, the women taking great pride in their wok.

On the other hand, there's also plenty of Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes to savour. Not surprisingly, many tourists flock around the streets of Malacca to feast on the culinary delights that it has to offer. Eating is never a problem as there are plenty of restaurants and stalls to choose from just by driving through town. Some of Malacca's signature dishes can be seen below:

Top 10 Restaurants
Top 10 Restaurants In Malacca City Top 10 Restaurants In Malacca City

After a day of exploring historical sites and shopping for quaint souvenirs, it’s time to sit back and enjoy an array of delicacies, both local and international fare, all conveniently located in the heart of Malacca City. Read More...

Top 10 Restaurants In Jonker Street Top 10 Restaurants In Jonker Street

Malacca may be known for its Nyonya fare but at Jonker Street, we have found ten favourite cafes, bustling bars, and restaurants that are both satisfactory and reasonably priced. Read More...

5 Breakfast Places 5 Breakfast Places

Breakfast in an integral part of one’s day, and here we list down five of the best breakfast places in Jonker Street so that you can start your day the right way. Read More...

5 Great Nyonya Restaurants 5 Great Nyonya Restaurants

What is a trip to Malacca without savouring its delicious food options? Peranakan food is the specialty here in this historical land, and we’ve listed down the best places to sample them. Get on it! Read More...

5 Great Malacca Restaurants 5 Great Restaurants

Going around in Malacca with absolutely no idea on what to eat? Our list of five best restaurants in Malacca not only gives you a clue on what to have, but guarantees great local ambiance and definitely awesome food! Read More...

5 Great Malaccan Dishes 5 Great Malaccan Dishes

How to eat like the locals, you ask? Here we list down some of the best food Malacca has to offer, and their famous haunts! Just make sure to prepare an empty stomach! Read More...

Dining & Restaurants by Areas

Jonker Street Restaurants Jonker Street Restaurants

It goes without saying that the best thing to do while you’re strolling through the Jonker Street Night Market is to try the food. Read More...

Ayer Keroh Restaurants

Apart from a MacDonald’s that stands near the Ayer Keroh toll booth – the primary entry point into the Malacca using the North-South Expressway。 Read More...

Malacca City Restaurants Malacca City Restaurants

The enticing allure of good dining is as much a part of Malacca's appeal as its narrow roads, antiquated shops and the remnants of European empires. Read More...

Alor Gajah Restaurants

Although Malacca may be known for its bounteous fare, Alor Gajah has no such claim to fame. Most of the restaurants here are located within A’Famosa itself. Read More...

Tanjung Kling Restaurants Tanjung Kling Restaurants

Although Tanjung Kilng’s landscape has recently been changed by the development and construction of apartment complexes along the sea front. Read More...


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