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    Many believe Malacca to be the impetus towards the development of what would eventually become Malaysia. It was here that history was written and a long line of Sultans began, continuing even to the present day.

    In 1396, a Sumatran prince by the name of Parameswara fled his country out of fear of the attacking Majapahit Empire. Landing in Temasek, he killed the local ruler and established himself over the island that is now known as Singapore. A few years later, he was driven out by a Thai-controlled army and once again, was left scouting for a new piece of land.

    Eventually, he moved up the West Coast of Malaysia and founded Malacca. Legend says that he was resting under a tree when he saw a mouse deer kicking his hunting dogs into the river and they attacked it. Declaring the place to be auspicious, he decided to set up shop and named the place after the tree he was resting under ¨C Melaka.

    Eventually, Parameswara converted to Islam in 1414 and adopted the title of Sultan. Malacca was also growing into an entrepot hub for traders from across Asia, notably India, Arabia and China. Many Chinese migrants settled here during this time, establishing the Peranakan culture for the future. Parameswara died in 1424 and was succeeded by his son.

    Eventually, the Siamese attempted to conquer Malacca, but their efforts were repelled successfully. To protect their territory, Malacca established contact with the Chinese empire through the explorer Zheng He, culminating in the marriage of Sultan Mansur Shah and Hang Li Poh, either a Chinese princess or concubine that remains a hot topic for debate till today.

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