Melaka Batik House

Batik centre in Ayer Keroh

A traditional art form and an integral part of Malaysian culture, batik is any type of fabric imprinted with colourful patterns through the application of wax and dye. A creative medium appreciated by many, if you’re keen on learning and purchasing some pieces then we know the perfect place: Melaka Batik House. Situated in Ayer Keroh, it is in the vicinity of Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC), so follow the signs leading to MITC if you’re driving. Parking spaces are aplenty, and it is surrounded by other local attractions – the Melaka International Bowling Centre and Melaka Planetarium are some that are within walking distance.

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Owned by the batik pioneer company Noor Arfa Sdn Bhd, Melaka Batik House is yet another foray in bringing the art of batik to the masses, following up the successful Noor Arfa Craft Complex in Terengganu. An exquisite art, Malaysian batik is different from Indonesian batik – it largely features large floral motifs and vibrant colours, and is usually worn during official occasions such as weddings and governmental events.

The store aptly represents the culture – the double-story building is shaped like a traditional Malay house, complete with wooden gabled roof and bricked stairs leading up to the entrance. Inside, guests can find a wide array of batik products, such as batik shirts for men, and also batik parios for women. We also like how Melaka Batik House stocks up unstitched colourful batik fabrics – great for those who would like to create their own batik-inspired outfits in a style of their own choice. If you’re stuck for ideas, the store also accepts orders and is ready to make your outfit with your newly-purchased batik fabrics.

Besides batik, the store also sells songket sampin made in Terengganu. Songket sampin is usually worn by men together with the traditional Malay outfit baju melayu, folded at their waist like a skirt. These songket are painstakingly made by hand-weaving metallic threads together with silk or cotton, producing intricate patterns on the cloth.

Want to try your hand at batik making? Fret not, as Melaka Batik House offers multiple batik-making class packages for those who are interested in learning the art of batik weaving, complete with equipment and lunch. A note though, these classes are extremely popular so if you’re planning on joining, we suggest enquiring and booking your seat before coming. With the help of their accommodating instructors and staff, visitors will learn the process of creating a pattern and putting the colours in, and will get to bring back their work as a memento.

Melaka Batik House

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 21:00 daily
  • Address: PT 15251, Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC), Ayer Keroh, Malacca
  • Tel: +606 232 3900
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