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While Malacca may not have rich rainforests or long stretches of warm sand, it does have a few magical islands and beaches to discover.

Perfect for a weekend getaway, the beaches and islands of Malacca will allure you with their serenity and comfort under a tropical sun.

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Pantai Kundur

On this peaceful beach lies a small fishing village, approximately 17 km from Malacca Town. Locals often frequent this beach which is popular for swimming and picnicking. Rows of casuarina trees provide shade as visitors frolic in the water and play on the sand. At night, fishermen

head out in boats to ‘Kelongs' (Platforms built on stilts on the sea) and fish for squid and other marine creatures.

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Tanjung Kling

The beach of Tanjung Kling is one of the more recent developments of the Malacca tourism industry. Located 15 km away from Malacca Town, Tanjung Kling is a pleasant stretch of white beach lined with coconut palms and sea shells, perfect for a quick jaunt.

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Tanjung Bidara

Located approximately 20 km from Malacca Town, the beach of Tanjung Bidara has lush vegetation and a tranquil atmosphere. The beach is more for relaxation or recreational activities that exclude swimming, as the waters are a little murky. Many hawkers line the beach peddling food and there are amenities such as parking lots, playgrounds and showers.

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Pulau Besar

Located near Umbai and 10 km south of Bandar Melaka, Pular Besar or ‘ Big Island' is a mysterious island that has many fables and legends behind its origin. Some say that the island resembles the shape of a pregnant woman, due to a story that a princess who, heart-broken because of her husband's death, jumped into the seas and consequently, her body floated and took the form of an island. As she was pregnant at that time, Pulau Besar, with a landscape resembling a belly, was born.

On the island, one can find a cave which is believed to be used by ancient warriors for practising magical arts. Yet another sight is a giant rock called ‘Batu Belah' or Split Rock. Legend has it that a magician trapped his apprentice inside the rock by splitting it in half and then rejoining it with the apprentice inside.

Today, most people would enjoy the recreational activities on the island. There are resorts, a yacht club and a host of water-sport facilities. Visitors can also enjoy evening strolls on the sand, swimming in the calm waters or snorkelling the seabed.

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Pulau Upeh

The tiny island of Upeh is located near Klebang town in Malacca. During the War, it was used as a scouting point for invading ships in the Straits of Malacca. Also the island was often a nesting ground for pirates.

Of course, the pirates have now long been cleaned out, and today, Pulau Upeh is a peaceful getaway for locals and tourists. There is a resort and water-sport facilities are available. Visitors can also visit an ancient well and view relics from World War Two scattered around the island.

Perhaps most attractive about Pulau Upeh is that it doubles up as a sanctuary for nesting Hawksbills, one of the rarest species of sea turtles. During the egg-laying season between March and June, visitors can come here to catch a glimpse of Hawksbills coming on the beach to nest.

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