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    Malacca Attractions


    D-Paradise is a concept tropical fruit and aboriginal village cum retreat in Malacca. This park has a host of attractions, while being conveniently located near the highway. While most would visit Malacca for a historical lesson and culture, a visit to D-Paradise promises an education of a different sort – a look at the plantation industry of Malaysia as well as its fauna heritage.

    Some of the attractions here include the world’s largest collection of pumpkins, cactus and ‘monkey cups’; which are pitcher plants, a dragon fly sanctuary, anteaters; a unique furry mammal that has a nose-like appendage to suck up termites and ants for food, a biscuit hut; where delicious local pastries are made and much more.

    Make a trip to the D-Paradise for a unique experience of a lifetime!

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    World's Largest Collection of Pumpkins

    You will find the largest collection of pumpkins grown here that you'll ever see. See how these Vitamin A and Potassium rich fruits are grown. Did you know the record for the largest pumpkin is 1,140 pounds in weight?

    World's Largest Collection of Cactus

    See the largest collection of cactus right here in D-Paradise. These fascinating thorny plants can be as small as 2 inches to a few feet in height.

    World's Largest Collection of Monkey Cup Pitcher

    Scientists and enthusiasts from around the world come here to see the largest collection of exotic and rare Monkey Cup Pitchers.

    Dragon Fly Sanctuary

    With ancestors over 300 million years old, these impressive mid-air hovering insects are fascinating. Come into our dragon-fly sanctuary and see these creatures up-close and let them fly all over you!

    Rare Ant-Eater Sanctuary

    These creatures can grow up to the size of a German Shepherd dog. As the name suggests, anteaters eat ants and termites in vast quantities, sometimes up to 30,000 insects in a single day. See them in action here!

    Malaysian Traditional Biscuit Hut

    Malaysia is known for its culinary delights. For the first time, we bring the best biscuits from around Malaysia to one location where you can see how they are made, sample and buy them.


    800 Species of Tropical Fruit

    Throughout the 168 acres of pristine natural environment, you can expect to find over 800 species of tropical fruit - one of the largest collections in the world. What's more, you can touch, pick and taste them too!

    Orang Asli

    See how the aborigines live, play and work. Watch and enjoy authentic handicrafts being made from surrounding natural resources and learn something at the same time. Sit down and have a 'natural' meal with them. Also, experience jungle trekking the "orang asli" way and see the Malaysian Koala (Kongkang) sanctuary.

    D-CEO Village

    Based on the concept of Malaysian traditional dwellings, these "kampong" houses have been designed for the modern times with 5-star interiors and amenities providing you all the comforts that you deserve. When staying at the D-CEO Village, set your mind and spirit free and enjoy the serenity of nature, the dramatic scenery, the fragrance of fresh flowers and fruits, and soak in the culture.

    Camp David Island

    Camp David Island is situated on a private island consisting of 4 well-equipped log cabins with private swimming and Jacuzzi pools. State-of-the-art KTV room, luxury dining hall, satellite plasma TV, private buggy, private chef and full butler service are what you can expect.

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